How Far does BE Catering travel?

We travel within a two and a half hour radius of Peterborough. This means that we go anywhere from Minden, Bancroft, Picton and Prince Edward County, to Markham and East to Havelock. Travel fees are applied to distance travelled.

How much are weddings?

Weddings can vary in price, depending on your needs. Do you need bartending? What style of service do you want? Style of service: buffet, family style or served? Do you need us to provide dessert? Late night snack food? How many guests, and logistical considerations are also factors in determining price. Emailing with the most detail you can give, plus a meeting to go over needs, will give you the closest quote for your catering.

How are wedding menus structured?

For 50+ guests:
Choice of 4-5 types of hors d’oeuvres
Non-alcohol raspberry lemonade or lemon ginger iced tea in a canister with lovely mint and lemon

Dinner buffet:
A selection of 2 meats or a meat and a fish, 3-4 salads or vegetables or starch
House made nine grain honey rolls, or rustic white bread, or Tuscan olive bread with butter

If you are having more guests, or you would like another option, we can add antipasto plates for the tables, which includes olives, local melon (seasonal), proscuitto, Provolone or local goat cheese, marinated veggies and our Tuscan olive bread slices.

We can also have a lovely mussel station at the buffet, which we cook right in front of the guests, with white wine, saffron, tomatoes and fennel. We can also serve a homemade seasonal soup to start, then guests can come to the buffet.

How much food should I order?

This depends on your crowd, and time of event: if it’s over the dinner hours, we suggest bulking up the food a bit. If your crowd is a bunch of rugby players, we would suggest more substantial food.
As a rule of thumb, we suggest 3 pieces of hors d’oeuvre per person before dinner, 5 pieces for a light cocktail party and 8 pieces for a heavier offering. We also suggest a beautiful Artisanal cheese board and dips to supplement the appetizers. For dinner, we can suggest different options, based on information you give us at time of booking.

What style of food does BE Catering make?

We are proud to make everything ourselves, including rustic breads and hors d’oeuvre. Our food is seasonal and we use locally grown vegetables and meats. Our food is carefully prepared and properly cooked with nice simple sauces and garnishes. We love using wooden boards, huge platters, edible flowers and tonnes of fresh herbs for a rustic, Earthy vibe.

How much experience do you have?

We have been in the catering industry for close to 20 years now. We have organized and beautifully catered very large multi-day conferences, large island weddings and numerous fundraisers and parties. We take great pride in working very closely with our clients to give them exactly what they want. This means showing up on time, with excellent young and smart staff, and preparing and serving food that is outstanding.