We take great pride
in making delicious handmade appetizers and dips for the Parties and Shindigs we cater

Hors d’oeuvre Menu

For the herbivore:

  • Phyllo triangles with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and feta
  • Brie and red pepper tartlettes
  • Yukon gold and gorgonzola potato latkes with applesauce
  • Vietnamese salad rolls in rice paper with golden mango
  • House-made artisan focaccia with seasonal grilled veggies
  • Potato and pea samosas with yogurt and chutney
  • Traditional bruschetta with tomatoes and three cheeses
  • Puff pastry spirals with Crosswind Farms goat cheese, grilled veggies, basil pesto
  • Soup shooter (several varieties)

For the carnivore:

  • Tandoori chicken skewers with mango chutney and yogurt
  • Chicken satay with roasted peanut sauce
  • Smoked chicken, cheddar and spicy tomato quesadilla
  • Pork and wild leek wontons with peanut sauce (in season)
  • Crab and wild leek wontons (in season)
  • Spicy lemon shrimp skewers with black olive tapenade
  • Crispy sweet coconut shrimp
  • Crab and avocado california rolls
  • Crab with goat milk yogurt and herbs on red lettuce leaves
  • Smoked norwegian salmon with horseradish cream on wild rice pancakes
  • Grilled thai red curry beef tenderloin skewers
  • Grilled whole beef tenderloin, rubbed with rosemary and sea salt, thinly sliced and served on garlic grilled baguette with horseradish cream
  • Mini local lamb korma with tahini sauce
  • Soup Shooters