Planning a Wedding?

Your wedding catering is a big deal to us. Not only do we put a lot of work into your food, but we take careful consideration of all aspects of planning and logistics. Read More

Business Lunches

We offer healthy homemade food for your meetings. Our very popular rustic, assorted sandwich and wraps platter with delicious fillings is perfect for a working lunch. Read More

Ready Made Meals

BE Catering offers a wide range of handmade casseroles, stews and curries to take home. Utilizing lots of fresh local veggies and local meats means that you can easily offer wholesome food for your family and friends. Read More

Parties & Shindigs

Having a shindig? We can help not only by offering suggestions for trendy cocktails or theme drinks, but by creating exciting food options for your guests.

Hors d’oeuvre parties are always fun because it allows for a nice variety of ethnic and local finger foods for your guests to try. Read More

Catch us on Facebook. There’s always something cooking!

  • I suspect that Surplus Refrigeration has left the

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  • Marianna and I have had a wonderful evening

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  • Making honey flower butter for tonight's special dinner!

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  • Here's some shots from our Madoc wedding this

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